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History of Mr. Slime

Mr. Slime Image

The origin of the Mr. Slimes was explained in Mark Cline’s first published feature length comic book, The Legend of Professor Cline’s Haunted Monster Museum.

These comic books were sold at Professor Cline's Haunted Monster Museum in Natural Bridge from 2002 until 2011 when the museum burned down, forcing the business to close. Very few of these rare comic books exist today but can be purchased for $35.00, plus shipping and handling. All are signed by artist Mark Cline.

The original logo was designed by Tom Blalock in the early 70’s, and used as the opening title credits for Slime Theatre, which was a late night horror program broadcast out of Charlottesville, Virginia on WVIR TV. The theme music was Frank Zappa’s, “I am the Slime”.  A young 13 year old Mark Cline made 3 guest appearances on the show, twice with “Mr. Slime”, Howard Meagle and once with “Dr. Sludge”, Pat Bauley. A clip of Dr. Sludge showing Mark’s artwork can been seen on Vimeo; Dr. Sludge Presents Slime Theater time marker 2:27.

A complete documentary called “Virginia Creepers” consisting of Virginia’s late night horror programs, including an interview with Mark Cline, can be rented or purchased.

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