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Opening May 4th, 2024!


Dinosaur Kingdom II - Back from Extinction in Natural Bridge, VA

   It’s 1864. Them wacky Yankees is at it again! Tryin’ to use living dinosaurs as weapons of mass destruction against the South. But ole Dixie has more than a few tricks still left up her sleeve.

  Experience a wooded, walking adventure of the wildest, weirdest, craziest dinosaur park the Washington Post has called Amazing! Brilliant! Hilarious!  This is definitely not your father’s dinosaur park!

Civil War soldier riding a dinosaur at Dinosaur Kingdom II in Natual Bridge, VA

From the Creators of Foamhenge

& Lexington’s Ghost Tour

Created by nationally known attraction builder and theme park designer, Mark Cline whose work has been featured on The Discovery, Travel and Smithsonian Channels as well as on FOX, TBS and BBC Networks. His creations are also used by TV, movie and Rock Stars!

Enter into a time tunnel and discover Stonewall Jackson battling a vicious spinosaurus! get surrounded by deadly meat eaters! See Abe Lincoln after he’s lassoed a pteranodon chewing up the Gettysburg address! witness a stegosaurus being milked!  If you like prehistoric creatures and civil war history, you’ll flip out over Dinosaur Kingdom II!

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